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Application in iron and steel plant

Hydrogen can be used to replace coke at large scale in furnaces during steel production
Conventional steel mills are energy intensive and they depend on fossil fuels, which makes them one of the largest contributors to industrial CO2 emissions (i.e. 7-9% of global emissions).

Furnaces conventionally use coke or hydrogen derived from natural gas to reduce iron ore to iron. Alternatively green hydrogen produced by a large scale electrolyser can be used as the reducing agent, in order to decrease the CO2 emissions of steel production.

In addition, the oxygen by-product from the electrolyser can be used to increase furnace efficiency and so further reduce CO2 emissions.

Tech Specs
Hydrogen production:
Oxygen production:
Hydrogen purity:
Oxygen purity:
Dew point:
System working pressure:
Working temperature of electrolyzer:
Rated working current of electrolytic cell:
Rated working voltage of electrolytic cell:
Unit power consumption:
≤4.8kW.h/ N.m3