Dec 30
China's First Port Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Charging Demonstration Operation Project Started
On December 29, the launching ceremony of the hydrogenation station construction project of Qingdao Port Qianwan Port area, the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle charging demonstration operation project in China, was held in Qingdao Port. This is shandong port Qingdao implementation of jinping ecological civilization thought and general secretary "to speed up the construction of the world first-class Marine port" important instructions spirit, promoting port powerful measures for the construction of ecological civilization, marked the shandong Qingdao port in the "wisdom of the leading international" green port construction on a more solid step, will further enhance the port green development level, Provide experience and model for the high quality development of national ports.

As a basic and pivotal facility, port is the gathering center of highway, railway, pipeline, waterway and other transportation ways. Vehicle entry and exit is an important field of carbon reduction and emission reduction. The construction of hydrogenation station in Qianwan Port area will significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, which is of fundamental significance to the construction of a "carbon peak and carbon neutral" port, the rich advantage of hydrogen energy resources in Qingdao, the construction of "Oriental Hydrogen Island" and the construction of a demonstration project of "Hydrogen into 10,000 people".

In recent years, as the national "double carbon" concept is put forward, Shandong ports speed up the construction of green and low-carbon ports. On June 5, 2021, Shandong ports took the lead in releasing the "14th Five-year plan" of green and low-carbon ports in the port and navigation field of China, aiming at the goal of "building an internationally leading smart and green port". Strive to achieve four breakthroughs in "low-carbon energy consumption, green transportation, intensive resource utilization, and intelligent management mode". Qingdao Port of Shandong Province, in accordance with the deployment requirements of Shandong Port Group Party Committee, adhere to the "green" leading, "smart" driven, focusing on the most cutting-edge international management practices and advanced technology, Strive to be the pioneer of green and intelligent logistics construction and the model of green and low-carbon development of ports and navigation -- In 2019, complete the first time for hydrogen energy trucks to be officially put into real scene test operation in Qianwan Container Terminal of Qingdao Port, and become the first port for hydrogen energy trucks to operate and apply in the industry in China; In 2020, Relying on the automated wharf, Qingdao Port will realize the application of hydrogen fuel cell on rail crane for the first time in the world.

It is understood that the construction of the hydrogenation station is one of the hydrogenation stations in Qianwan port area and Dongjiakou Port area planned by Qingdao Port in Shandong province, with a designed daily hydrogenation capacity of 1000 kg. The project is divided into two phases. The phase I hydrogenation station covers an area of about 4000 square meters, including 1 compressor, 1 set of hydrogen storage bottle group, 1 hydrogenation machine, 2 sets of unloading column, 1 set of water chiller, 1 station house and 1 shed. It is planned to complete the construction of the phase I hydrogenation station with a daily hydrogenation capacity of 500 kg in 2022.
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