We have a professional after-sales service team for hydrogen generation system with rich experience in hydrogen machine maintenance.According to the running state and environment of hydrogen production machine , we will help you optimize and upgrade the system, design plans suitable for the operation of the machine, improve the monitoring and detection for DCS and PLC, enhance the running safety and using cycle of hydrogen production equipment, so that reduce system failure caused by peripheral equipment (hydrogen compressor, dryer, PLC controller, etc.) and equipment failure or accident caused by personnel operation mistakes.

In view of the system shutdown caused by the fault of individual components for most users (such as system pressure imbalance and inaccurate measurement of the analyzer caused by the fault of pressure transmitter and ), we have stable detection methods and equipment maintenance plans for hydrogen production machine.

Professional engineers understand the operation status of your hydrogen production system, and the performance indicators of core components, and propose solutions to ensure the safe operation of your hydrogen production equipment.
In order to ensure the construction period of the maintenance and reconstruction project,
The company has a variety of brands of electrolyzers in stock throughout the year. "Excellent service, professional skills, quick response" is our consistent working attitude.
We provide spare parts for the whole hydrogen production system. Regardless of equipment, components, valves or instruments, we will recommend the most suitable spare parts for your hydrogen production equipment to you according to the operating environment and state of your hydrogen production system. Under the premise of ensuring the safe and normal operation of the equipment, we will develop a cost-effective solution to save the maintenance and operation costs for you to the maximum!

Zhongxinda hydrogen energy can develop container type hydrogen production equipment, skid mounted hydrogen production equipment and cabinet type hydrogen production equipment according to different site conditions and on the basis of traditional hydrogen production equipment. We can provide customized design of hydrogen production equipment to optimize and integrate existing plant facilities

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