Dec 04
State Power Investment Corporation Will Build the World's First "Electric-Hydrogen-Electricity" Demonstration Project
Recently, the "electric-hydrogen-electricity" industrial model of China United Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Technology Co., LTD., affiliated to the State Power Investment Group, "advance team" will rely on the xizang Peide Dui Longdeqing 30MW Grazing light complementary composite grid-connected power generation project affiliated to the Xizang Power Investment Branch. The world's first demonstration project of "wind power - hydrogen - electric heating" for comprehensive utilization of hydrogen and oxygen will be built on the roof of the world.

As the implementation of general secretary about to build new energy as the main body of the new type of power system, China's carbon emissions to peak 2030 years ago, to strive for carbon neutral spirit of important instructions, 2060 years ago China's renewed creativity "electricity - hydrogen - the" new mode, can effectively cope with challenges in the process of new type of power system development.

This new model has three main advantages:

Realize the power quality jump. The intermittent and fluctuating electricity of renewable energy is converted into secondary energy hydrogen with physical form, and further converted into stable and high quality power supply with peak regulation capability through gas turbine. The mode runs through all links of generation (production), storage, transmission, distribution and use.
It provides the possibility for large-scale application of hydrogen energy. The absorption capacity of a 300MW pure hydrogen gas turbine combined cycle power station on hydrogen energy is equivalent to 2 million hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which will surely drive the transformation of renewable energy hydrogen production industry.
Bring "second life" to gas turbine industry. Through large-scale renewable energy hydrogen production, the cost of hydrogen production will be significantly reduced, so as to reduce the operating cost of hydrogen gas turbine power stations, so as to promote the virtuous cycle of gas turbine industry and improve the independent innovation ability and international competitiveness of China's gas turbine industry.
Is reported that China has been launched in March 2021 to reignite "electric - hydrogen - electric" model related research work, after extensive research, scientific reasoning, launched the 3060 goal oriented hydrogen and hydrogen mixture combustion engine development prospects, industry experts endorsed, for building with new energy as the main body of the new type of electric power system to provide the optimum path. In view of the characteristics of Tibet's resource endowment and through further research and verification, China has re-proposed the development Plan for the "electric-hydrogen-electricity" Model in Tibet, making a top-level plan for the "electric-hydrogen-electricity" model. Through the project implementation, relying on the national electricity for Tibet Tibet branch belongs to pei DE heap fong kuo celebrating 30 mw light complementary composite grid-connected power generation project, the construction of the roof of the world's first global comprehensive utilization of hydrogen - oxygen "scenery electricity - hydrogen - electric demonstration project", through the use of by-product hydrogen oxygen in Tibet, improved project economics, It is also the first pure hydrogen gas turbine demonstration project in China. The implementation of the project will further verify the system integration capability, strengthen the deployment of digital technology, enhance the digital industry capacity, and contribute to the high-quality development of Xizang.
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