Jun 11
The Future of Hydrogen Energy -- Green Hydrogen
In Zhangjiakou area of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, green hydrogen (hydrogen produced by water electrolysis), independently developed and produced by PetroChina, lit the Torch platform of Taizicheng. This is the first torch to use green hydrogen as fuel in the history of the Winter Olympics, creating a new history of energy use for the Torch of the Winter Olympics, and demonstrating to the world China's concept and action of green and low-carbon development.

Green hydrogen technology uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen. Renewable energy is converted into electric energy through solar cells, fans, water pumps and other generator sets. Electric energy is converted into hydrogen energy through water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, and hydrogen is stored or directly transported to hydrogen application terminals as electric power, transportation fuel, chemical raw materials, etc. In addition to the traditional hydrogen production by water electrolysis, some new hydrogen production technologies, such as solar energy hydrogen production, biomass hydrogen production, nuclear thermal utilization of hydrogen production, etc. have been derived in recent years.

According to the requirements of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the goal of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality, China's energy structure will be greatly adjusted, and the hydrogen energy source system will also be greatly changed, one of the important directions is the process of green hydrogen substitution. Then, so far, what explorations has China made on "green hydrogen"?

China is a country rich in wind energy resources, wind power is the second largest renewable energy power in China. However, due to the rapid expansion of wind power installations, the construction of power grid supporting facilities lags behind the wind power installations. Since 2010, there has been an obvious phenomenon of wind abandoning and power limiting in China. In order to deal with the phenomenon of wind power abandonment and power limit in wind farms, a new energy storage technology of hydrogen production from wind power is proposed to consume wind energy resources in some areas and improve the utilization rate of wind energy, besides improving wind power planning and market operation mechanism to reduce the difficulty of grid connection.

No matter where you are, our electrolyzers can achieve on-site green hydrogen production. A key feature of our electrolyzers is that they reduce dependence on molecules and energy from external sources, no matter they are local or international.

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